Baccarat Singapore: Baccarat Rules And Strategies

Baccarat Singapore Table

Baccarat is a table card game where gamers play against other players or the house (dealer). It is one of the earliest casino games played today, dating its history over three thousand years back.

It is arguably more popular in Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Macau. Research suggests that Baccarat occupies nearly 80% of Macau and Singapore casino halls. It is also the most played game in almost all online casino Singapore platforms.

Notably, Baccarat is entirely a game of chance, meaning that the game’s outcomes depend purely on the punters’ luck.

The bettor predicts the winning hand – the player or Banker’s hand. Some baccarat types, however, offer tie bets. The winning hand is typically the hand that is dealt cards with a total face value closest to nine. Notably, there is no significant difference between inland baccarat gaming and online gambling.

The only notable difference is croupiers deal the cards in onsite casinos. In online casinos, on the other hand, results are generated by random number generator programs.

This article will explore various aspects of Baccarat, focusing on online Baccarat Singapore gaming. Let’s dive in.

Types of Baccarat

Notably, the various baccarat variants found in most Singapore brick-and-motor casinos are also available in online baccarat casinos. Essentially, online baccarat gameplay is almost the same as in onsite casinos, including the provision of side bets.

The only notable difference is that online baccarat games have higher payouts. Otherwise, the small yet significant variations in rules and format are also available in different online baccarat games.

Here are the most common online baccarat game types in Singapore online casinos.

Punto Banco

Also known as player-banker, this baccarat version is the most common type in Singapore igaming. It is the standard version of Baccarat. The rules of the punto banco game are usually the same in all casinos.

Typically, punto banco utilizes six to eight decks. The casino deals the cards automatically in virtual gaming, unlike in online live casinos where the croupiers handle the cards.

Here, the gamers have three betting options. They can bet on the Banker hand, Player hand, or tie. Tie bets have higher payouts, usually eight times the players’ wager. Notably, each bet in Baccarat has a varied house edge.

Chemin De Fer

Chemin de fer – the James Bond favorite casino game – is the other popular baccarat version in Singapore live casinos. Typically, the Chemin de fer game uses six decks.

Here, players control the entire gameplay. Punters play against other players, unlike in punto banco, where bettors play against the house (dealer). Typically, one player assumes the banker position in each round.

Essentially, the Banker decides the betting amount and draws the cards. Unlike in regular baccarat variants, the player can draw or stand if his first pair value equals five.

En Banque

En Banque closely matches Chemin Ge Fer. However, there are several slight differences between the two. First, the Banker does not deal cards – the croupier does. Additionally, this baccarat type uses three decks.

The players also play against other gamers. Typically, the player who puts up the highest wager assumes the banker position. And, unlike in chemin de fer, the Banker retains the banco position for as long as he wins.

Three-Card Baccarat

As the name suggests, each hand gets three cards, unlike in standard Baccarat, where initially, each hand gets two cards. Typically, the croupier deals three cards to the Player and Banker, respectively, after the punter(s) have placed their bets.

The face value of the dealt cards is then determined to find the winning hand. The version also allows three betting options, including tie bets, though the tie is extremely rare in three-card Baccarat.

Unlike the regular Baccarat, the number of picture cards is relevant and most valued when determining the winning hand in the Three-Card Baccarat. Also, it is worth noting that baccarat rules vary in different gambling sites.

Some casinos follow the standard baccarat rules in counting the face value. Others, on the other hand, consider the hand with the highest total points, allowing double digits up to 30 points.

Mini Baccarat

This is the other most played baccarat version in both onsite casinos and online casino Singapore platforms. It is the simplest and fastest form of Baccarat. Mini Baccarat is typically considered the slot of casino table games due to its speed, simplicity, and capability to place small bets.

Ideally, mini Baccarat accommodates regular players. It allows considerably small wagers, unlike other Baccarat versions, which are often considered ideal for high rollers.

Essentially, mini Baccarat follows the standard baccarat rules and format. The term “mini” is drawn from the table size, accommodating up to seven players.

Baccarat Rules Singapore

Notably, baccarat rules are the same in almost all online virtual and live casino Singapore sites. But, note that there might be slight variations depending on the form of the Baccarat.

For example, three-card baccarat game play rules are the same as standard Baccarat. But, the total face value can add up to double digits, which is contrary to regular Baccarat.

Card Values

All number cards are worth their pip values.

Baccarat Card Face Values

Aces are worth 1.

Aces' Value in Baccarat

10s and face cards are worth 0.

10s and face cards are worth 0 in Baccarat

Let’s now dive into standard baccarat game rules.

Game Rules

  • Players have to place their bets before the cards are dealt.
  • Players can bet on the banker (banco) hand, the player (punto), or tie (egalite).
  • The winning hand is the hand dealt cards with a total face value closest to or equals nine.
  • If the total face value of either hand is higher than nine, ten points are deducted from the total.
  • Winning values ranges between 6 and 9.
  • A tie is achieved when the Banker’s total player’s score or vice versa – the Banker and player’s hand cards’ values are equal.

Baccarat Drawing Rules

Initially, the croupier deals two cards for the Player and Banker’s hands, respectively. Depending on the total face value of the cards dealt, the dealer may have to draw a third card for both or one hand.

Typically, a third card is drawn per the tableau. Notably, each hand has varied third card drawing rules set. They are as follows.

Player hand

  • The Player’s hand draws a third card if his initial pair has a total face value less or equal to five. If the initial total is 6 or 7, the player stands.

Banker hand third card drawing rules

The Banker draws a third card if:

  • The player stand, and the Banker hand’s initial pair to five or less
  • The player draws a third card, and the Banker’s initial pair total equals or is less than 2.
  • The player’s third card equals or less than 7, and the Banker’s initial total is 3.
  • The player’s third card is 2 – 7, and the Banker’s initial total is 4.
  • The player’s third card is 4 – 7, and the Banker’s initial total is 5.
  • The player’s third card is 6 -7, and the Banker’s initial total is 6.
  • If his first two cards equal 7, the Banker must stand.

Note that neither the player nor Banker draws a third card if either hand’s first cards equal 8 or 9. In this case, the hand with a score of 8 or 9 wins with a “natural” hand.

Baccarat Winning Strategies

Like in other casino games and sports betting, an excellent winning baccarat strategy will undoubtedly give you a fair advantage over the casino. Using the best strategy will boost your winning odds and help you manage your gameplay.

The following are the best strategies for playing Baccarat. Check them out.

Practice Before Betting

Just as with any live casino Singapore games, always practice before playing! A golden rule of any game! In this case, practice before engaging in real-money bets.

Noticeably, there is no better way to practice than to play Baccarat online, most certainly in the casino games free play modes.

Interestingly, most trusted casino Singapore sites offer free baccarat game modes – free gameplay modes for practicing. The demo mode allows baccarat players to practice and familiarize themselves with different casino games.

Play Baccarat Games with Fewer Decks

Notably, house edges correlate with the number of decks in a game. Thus, the number of decks in a Baccarat game influences the RTP. In other words, games with fewer decks have lower house edges.

More precisely, games using one deck usually have 1.01%, 1.29%, and 15.75% house edges for the player bet, Banker, and tie bets, respectively. Notably, a lower house edge means higher RTP.

The Odds of The Game Matter

Although Baccarat is a game of chance, strategizing and betting on a hand with better odds is paramount. After all, odds are certainly the primary factor to consider when playing any prediction game.

You wouldn’t want to bet on a hand with low winning odds. And that is when studying the game is critical. Also, studying and utilizing various systems and strategies to determine the hand with high winning odds is crucial.

Casino Edge Also Matters

Whether you are winning or losing in Baccarat, it is worth noting that the casino or the casino operators are continuously gaining. Notably, the casino gets a commission through house edge when you win.

This means that you lose a particular percent of your winning. Thus, it is recommended to play Baccarat versions with lower casino edges. Still, when playing Baccarat online, you might want to play in a lower house edge casino.

Interestingly, most of the best Singapore online gambling platforms offer various incentives to mitigate casino edges. Such best online casinos include JDL688 casino, Victory996 online casino, MMC996, 3Win2U, and 96Ace online casino Singapore.

Typical incentives you can get from these casinos include a welcome bonus, free chips, and various deposit bonuses, among other offers.

Play Standard Baccarat Over Mini Baccarat

Typically, mini-baccarat are considerably more speedy than traditional Baccarat. Essentially, the pace can be advantageous to a particular extent. Still, regardless of the side the odds favor, the pace can also have a toll on your bankroll.

Note that high-speed means numerous rounds within a short time frame, which means fast accumulation of house edges and losses.

Avoid Long Sessions

Long sessions most likely results in losses. When you lose, the casino wins, meaning that you lose a fraction of your bankroll. On the other hand, more wins translate to an accumulation of house edge, which can take down all your winnings.

Besides casino edge accumulation, you are likely to incur losses from long sessions considering how online casino pays out winnings. Noticeably, you would need multiple consistent winnings to recover one failed bet.

That means that unless you are winning consistently – which is almost improbable – playing long sessions most likely decreases your bankroll.

Avoid Tie Bets

Typically, tie bets are much less advantageous to the players, despite having a high payout ratio. Also, they are extremely hard to hit compared to the banker and Player hands. Statistically, tie bets wins 9.52% of the time, while the banker and Player hands win 45.86% and 44.62%, respectively.

And even if you are lucky, the bets have a very high house edge. The high edge reduces payouts significantly, meaning that a win may not significantly impact your bankroll.

Bet on The Banker’s Hand

Naturally, Baccarat winning odds are more often in favor of the banker bet. Thus, if you do not have a working system, betting on the Banker hand is almost always the perfect idea. The Banker’s hand is typically 54.15 times more likely to win than the player’s hand.

Moreover, the hand has a better house edge than the player and tie bet, which is an added advantage.

Stick to The Banker Hand Until it Loses

Notably, gameplay format and rules always favor the Banker hand, which results in high winning odds. Statistic suggests that the banker and Player hand wins 50.68% and 49.32% of the time, respectively.

This shows that the Banker hand almost always has better winning odds. That means that the banker bet is more likely to win consistently.

Skip a Bet When The Banker Hand Lose

Baccarat experts advise on adopting and sticking to the game flow. At some point, though, the flow will undoubtedly break, and the Player’s hand or tie will win. Typically, this does not mean that trend changes entirely.

There is a high probability that the Banker will resume winning. Hence, you do not have to switch to the Player’s hand instantly. Simply pause and skip a bet when the Banker loses.

It is most likely that the subsequent wins will fall on the Banker, considering that the winning odds are always in its favor.

Know When to Continue or Quit

Baccarat is arguably one of the most entertaining and highly addictive immersive casino games. That means you can be entrapped easily, resulting in long sessions, which are certainly not worth a while.

Additionally, when playing prediction games, odds sometimes go against you, and you lose consistently. Usually, this is a telltale sign that you should stop. It is recommended to plan your budget and play sessions ahead of the game.

Also, ensure to stick to your plan as possible. Always practice responsible gambling and play only when the game feels fun.

Master Your Baccarat Money Management

Baccarat is also one of the fastest casino games – some versions go up to 200 rounds per hour. That means that a lot of cash exchanges hands. The game’s fast pace can significantly affect your bankroll pretty fast.

Thus, having a workable bankroll management system is paramount. It is, therefore, recommended that you set a budget for your Baccarat ahead of the sessions. Also, watch out for the various gambler’s fallacies and entrapments, especially when losing, and ensure to stick to your budget.

Always Remember Baccarat is a Game of Luck

Winning in baccarat games is more dependent on your luck than skills. Thus, you will most certainly lose at some point regardless of your skills, baccarat strategy, or experience. No consistent winning is guaranteed! Always keep that in mind.

Final Words

Baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games in Singapore. Interestingly, online Baccarat is ideal for all SG online casino players, from new to avid online casino gamers.

That is because no skills are needed, plus the player can control the game speed. Better yet, the game has better payouts than almost all other online Singapore casino games. Note, however, that the payout may vary depending on the casino. Some of the SG casinos have lower house edges than others.

Browse our list of the best online Singapore casinos and select your most suitable baccarat casino. We are confident you will have the best baccarat gaming experience.

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