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Online live casino Singapore games are a great way for people to enjoy the thrill of a casino all from the comfort of their homes. One of the countries that have seen a rapid adoption of live casino games is Singapore.

Statistics from 2021 showed that just under 45% of the adult population of the country had played on an online live casino.

This has fueled rapid growth in the online gambling industry within the country and the proliferation of numerous Singapore live betting platforms.

With this increased competition, many online live casino Singapore platforms have been improving their services and features, all in a bid to attract more players and claim the coveted title of the best live casino Singapore.

So, let’s take a look at how top Singapore live casinos operate, explain a few popular online casino Singapore games, and answer any questions you may have concerning online gambling Singapore. Keep on reading!

Top Live Casinos in Singapore

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  • Offers a wide range of different casino games
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  • Top-notch customer service
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  • Contains information and guide for gameplays

How We Review Singapore Live Casinos

When it comes to evaluating an online casino, there are certain important criteria to look out for. Here are a few key areas all top live casino Singapore platforms should excel.

    1. Range of Games

Online casinos should offer enough games to suit the different tastes of most players.

This should also include some classic live casino games like blackjack online, roulette online, poker online, and slots. They can also offer some non-traditional casino games like horse racing, sports betting, fishing games, and so on to attract a range of different players.

    1. Affiliated Game Developers

No top live casino SG can survive without a talented team of dedicated game developers. They ensure that the players only receive the best in graphics and the most thrilling themes.

These online casino software providers are also in charge of helping to fix any glitches that the platform may be having with any of its online games and ensure that players enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

    1. Customer Support Services

Round-the-clock customer support services are the rules for many good online casinos.

These services should be interactive, helpful, and always ensure that queries are moved up the chain of command until they are solved. Also, online casinos must offer a wide range of customer support channels.

    1. User Information Security

User confidentiality and data security should be ensured through the use of current data security guidelines and data encryption techniques.

This gives players the assurance that their personal information won’t fall into the hands of the wrong people or be used by the casino for illegal purposes.

    1. Banking Transaction Options

It’s also a bonus when a platform offers a wide range of payment options for both deposits and withdrawals.

This makes the process of making transactions with the online casino more convenient for members and can enhance the gaming experience.

    1. Platform Registration

Online casino registration and regulation are very important. Never make use of an online casino that is not fully registered with the Singapore Gaming Authority or which does not offer players information concerning its registration. It may be a fraudulent platform.

Top Live Casinos Games Providers in Singapore

As we mentioned previously, no online casino is complete without its game providers.

These are the backbone behind the smooth functioning of any online casino and therefore, it is expected that the top online casinos should partner with the top casino game developers as well.

Some of the most well-trusted names in the online casino game development industry include Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, SA Gaming, Habenero Gaming, Playtech, and so on.

Another important subcategory of game developers to mention are oddsmakers such as CITIBET, SBOBET, WMBET, and many more.

So why are game developers so important to the success of an online casino? Well, they are in charge of designing and creating the wide variety of casino games that we play.

They are experts in crafting compelling themes which help add a bit of personality even to familiar games like poker and casino roulette. Great game providers deliver stunning graphics and a smooth gaming experience to make sure you always want to come back.

Popular Live Casino Games to Play in Singapore

Popular Live Casino Games to Play in Singapore
Here are some of the popular live casino games you can find on any good online Singapore casino.


The baccarat casino card game is a popular game played in most casinos. It is what is known as a “comparing card game”, which means that two “hands” (the player and the banker) reveal their cards to each other.

The winner of each round (referred to as a coup) is decided by whoever has the highest score. There are three possible outcomes, either the “player” wins, the “banker” wins or the round ends in a tie.

There are several different variants of the game such as North American baccarat, “chemmy” baccarat, baccarat Banque and punto banco baccarat.

Playing Baccarat Singapore online follows the same baccarat strategy and baccarat rules as real-world casino baccarat. Here are some baccarat tips to show you how to win baccarat and improve your chances at the table.

  • One well-known tip is to bet with the banker more as they have a statistically better chance of winning.
  • Avoid the tie bet, this may have the biggest payout but it’s also the wager with the worst chance of winning when calculating baccarat odds.
  • A more advanced system you can use is the Martingale strategy. This involves doubling your next wager after every loss until you win a round. This win then covers all your previous losses.
  • Another strategy is the Fibonacci strategy. This betting system determines the amount to wager following a loss using the famous Fibonacci sequence.


A roulette game is another popular gambling attraction that’s relatively easy to play. A croupier spins a special roulette casino wheel which contains a unique pattern of mostly red and black rectangles which contain randomly arranged odd and even numbers.

A special casino roulette ball is then spun on the wheel counterclockwise to the direction of the roulette wheel.

Players are allowed to make various wagers on where the ball will land such as the color, number, whether it will be an odd or even number, and whether the number will be a high (19-36) or low (1-18) number. Online roulette follows this same basic pattern as well.

Here are some tips to help you make a killing at the roulette live online table.

  • Look out for “even-money” bets like “surrender” or “en-prison” bets. This means you only lose half of your wager and the other half is returned to you.
  • Always play a single-zero wheel if you get the opportunity.
  • Play within your bankroll.
  • Sit out a decision once in a while and then lower the hit of the house edge on your balance.
  • Roulette online is a game of chance so don’t invest too much meaning into lucky numbers or strategy.


Blackjack is a card game and banking game where casino players don’t compete against each other but rather against a “banker”.

Online blackjack is basically the same as live blackjack and has several variations just like its real-world counterpart.

Some popular blackjack online variants include Super Fun Blackjack 21, Double Attack Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Triple 7’s Blackjack, Chinese Blackjack, and so on.

Here is a summary of the casino blackjack rules and how to play blackjack. Each game starts with a standard deck of 52 cards, each with a numerical value. The aim is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.

Players start with two cards and are allowed to request for cards as the game progresses. The game is won when you exceed the dealer’s hand.

Though this may sound simple, it is more complicated in practice. Here are some ways you can improve your blackjack skill.

  • Always split your Aces and 8s.
  • Hit or double Aces-6.
  • Hit when your hand is between 12-16 and the dealer has a 7-Ace.
  • Split when your hand is between 12-16 and the dealer has between 2-6.
  • Double 11 versus the dealers 2-10 is also a good strategy.
  • Use a strategy card to make it easier to follow all these tips.
  • Always check the dealer’s card before taking any action.
  • Always start small.


Poker casino games are quintessential live table games and probably the first one most people think of when they hear casinos mentioned.

There are many different variations of the original poker game such as Texas poker, with many online poker variants being played in online casinos as well. Let’s look at the basic rules of how to play poker.

In many variations of poker rules, there are 10 basic “hands” made up of 5-card combinations. Each hand has a unique value and if two players have the same hand, the player with the higher-valued cards wins.

Bets are placed using the ante system (in most variations) or a small blind bet placed by the first player and a big blind bet placed by the second player (Texas Hold’em).

The cards are dealt out by the dealer and with every round, each player has the option to either bet, call, raise or fold depending on their hand. The game reaches a “showdown” after several rounds of play. Each player then reveals their hand. The player with the strongest hand wins the entire pot.

Poker is a highly strategic game and playing poker online is just as tactical. Building a strong poker strategy may take some practice but there are some basic tips that even novices can use to improve their game substantially. They include:

  • Use a cheat sheet to help memorize the different poker hands.
  • It’s wise to usually raise your bet when your hand includes a strong combination like a pair, face cards, aces, and an ace and a king/queen.
  • Know when to bluff and know when to throw in the towel and fold such as when you have a bad hand or the current bet is too high.
  • Call the bet if you want to stay in the game but don’t have a strong hand. While there’s a risk of folding, you might have a stronger hand and force the weaker hands out of the game.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese game of chance played with three Sic Bo dice. It is a game of chance, which means that Sic Bo odds are random and are not influenced by any action by the player or Sic Bo casino.

The Sic Bo table has a variety of die combinations that players can wager on. To play, you place your bet by placing your chips within a particular bet box on the table. The dice are then shaken and if the outcome matches your bet, you’ve won.

There are several types of bets you can place such as Small (between 4-10) and Big (between 11-17) bets, sum bets, single dice bet, double and triple bets, two dice combination bets, and so on.

Even though Sic Bo is a game of chance, there are some tips you can follow if you’re wondering how to win at Sic Bo more consistently.

  • Don’t place too many bets, this only increases your chances of losing. Choose each wager carefully by weighing the odds.
  • Wager mostly on Big or Small bets, these have the safest odds.
  • Don’t fall victim to the Gambler’s fallacy. Six Bo is a game of chance and any betting streaks are purely chance.

Dragon & Tiger

Dragon & Tiger is another popular card game and follows a betting system similar to Baccarat.

Each card has a particular numerical value attached to it irrespective of its suit, starting from the Aces which are the lowest with a score of 1, and ranking all the way to the Kings which have a score of 13.

Each player decides on whether they wish to place one of several types of available bets. These include betting on the Dragon, the Tiger, or a Tie.

You can also place other types of bets like Dragon/Tiger Big (any card with a value of 7 or higher), Dragon/Tiger Small (any card with a value lower than 7), or a bet on the particular suit of the card that will be drawn on that side of the table.

By betting on an option, this means that you expect this choice (either the Dragon or the Tiger) to have a higher score when a card is drawn during each round or a particular event will occur (like a Tie, Dragon/Tiger Big, or Small, or a particular suit will be drawn).

After placing your bets, two cards are drawn, one for the Dragon betting side and one for the Tiger betting. The player with the higher value wins.

Though Dragon & Tiger is a game of chance, there are some tips you can use to tilt the odds in your favor.

  • Avoid betting on the Tie or the suited Tie. Even though these have great odds, they also have the lowest chance of occurring.
  • Stick with the Dragon or Tiger bet. It has a relatively low payout but much safer odds. You will also have the chance to get half of your wager back if a Tie is drawn.
  • Avoid Big or Small bets as well, they have good payouts but a low chance of success.

Fan Tan

Fan Tan is a popular card game that is a staple in most online casinos. One of the reasons the game is so popular is because it is relatively easy to learn and can be played with nothing more than a standard 52-card deck.

The game starts with an ante, whereby each player plays one chip in the pot. After that, cards are dealt with every card placed face down, starting with the player to the left of the dealer. The objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand with each round of play following a set of rules.

The rules are any seven or any card in suit and sequence to a card previously played can be played. During each round, a player must play a card if possible, if no card can be played, then the player adds one chip into the pot.

At the end of the game when a player has gotten rid of all their cards, the remaining players must add one chip to that pot for each card still left in their hand. The winner then takes the entire pot.

When playing against a dealer, you can place several different bet types predicting how many cards will remain at the end of the game. Some great tips to give your betting strategy an edge include:

  • Get rid of your end cards and Aces as soon as possible.
  • Hold back your sevens.
  • Bet in the more likely events, even though they also have the lowest payouts.

How to Play Live Casino Games in Singapore

Live Casinos Games Providers in Singapore
Playing Singapore live casino games is quite easy. It just involves a few simple steps to ensure you get the safest gaming experience.

  1. First, you have to find the best live casino Singapore. This might seem a bit tricky, but by following our guide, you can get an idea of the key features to look out for in any legitimate casino. This includes their online gambling license, game variety, customer support services, payment options and policies, bonuses, security, and afflicted game developers.
  2. Once you feel you have found the right platform, simply follow the instructions on how to correctly register on the online casino.
  3. Usually, the next step after this is making your first deposit into your casino wallet.
  4. You should then receive a notification informing you that you can now play all the great games available on the platform. New members usually have some sort of welcome bonus so it’s a good idea to capitalize on this promotion.

How To Deposit and Withdraw from Live Casino Singapore

Online casinos can differ widely when it comes to deposit and withdrawal options. They utilize a range of banking methods such as online bank transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, ATM transfers, debit cards, local banks, and so on.

This means that platforms have different ways of making deposits and withdrawing funds from various platforms.

Each online casino typically provides instructions on how to make banking transactions on their platform. Deposits typically reflect immediately, while withdrawals usually do not take more than 3-5 working days to reflect.

How to Win Live Casino Games at Singapore Live Casinos

Win Live Casino Games at Singapore Live Casinos
When it comes to SGD live casino games, there are many ways to win and numerous tricks you can use to give yourself an edge. Here are a few of the more popular and time-proven tips on how to win live casino games.

    • Find a trusted online casino

We know this point has been mentioned before, but it’s very important to make sure you are playing on a reputable online casino. Do some research, read reviews, and look through the platform carefully before making any deposits.

    • Play on a suitable device with a good internet connection and bandwidth

A patchy internet connection and slow bandwidth speeds can severely hamper your gaming experience and may even cause the system to log out of a live game. Therefore, always check your bandwidth and internet strength before starting any live casino session.

    • Always stick to your strategy

Most seasoned online casino players already have a well-planned and trusted strategy that they use to increase their odds at the table. The hardest part is sticking to this strategy, especially when you’re having a bad run. However, this discipline helps you be much more successful in the long run. If you don’t already have a strategy, you can build one with a few of the great popular live casino game tips above.

    • Leave while you’re ahead

Some players are never satisfied with their winnings. Always know when to call it quits, even if Lady Luck seems to be in your favor that day. Fortunes can change rather quickly in the world of online gambling and it’s best to leave while you’re on a winning streak.

    • Do not chase losses

This follows the same principle of knowing when to quit. Don’t be the type of player who continues a losing streak all in the hope of tiring their fortune around. Quit while you still have the shirt on your back.

    • Make use of promotions

All good casinos offer bonuses, which is a great chance for players to win real money with free credits. Make sure you are eligible for a bonus and satisfy all the wagering requirements before using it and use bonuses wisely so you can increase your chances of winning.

    • Don’t break the rules

Online casinos have rules and etiquette just like real casinos. Don’t break the rules, don’t cheat, be fair and courteous, and you should have no problems playing on the platform.

    • Remember to have fun

Many people get so caught up in the rush to make money that they forget that the primary purpose of an online casino is having fun. Relax, have some laughs, and plan your next move. It’s much easier to strategize when you’re genuinely having a good time and not tensed up.


Playing online casino games is a great way to enjoy a genuine live casino experience without ever having to step foot in one. Not only that, the wide range of games available at online casinos means that players can always find the right game for them.

The important thing is to make sure that you find a reputable online casino. This involves doing your research, looking into reviews from other players, checking out their bonuses, game developers, registration and regulation status, customer support services, range of games, and so on.

After that, you can take a look at the casino platform. Is it easy to navigate? Does it have a dedicated mobile and desktop version? Does it have a mobile app?

The casinos we mentioned above are the best online casinos in Singapore. They have all the features you should look out for in a casino and more. If you want the best games, generous promotions, and interactive 24/7 customer support services, then they are the best options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Live Casino?

A live casino is a type of casino, whether an online casino or a physical casino, where the game is dealt and run by real-life people, all in real-time.

Which Live Online Casino is The Best in Singapore?

While there is no official designation for the best live online casino in Singapore, the casinos mentioned above are all great online casinos and offer players the best online gambling experience available.

They offer tons of bonuses that give players the chance to win real money with free credits, have a wide range of popular games, great customer service channels, free registration, great betting odds, and a variety of banking options.

They all have trusted reputations and are fully regulated by relevant authorities within Singapore.

Can You Play Live Casino Games Online for Free Money?

Yes, live casinos are a great way to win real money with free money. The online casinos mentioned in this guide offer tons of generous promotions and bonuses.

Some popular bonuses include the Welcome Bonus, Daily Rebate Bonus, Birthday Bonus, Slot Bonus, First Deposit Bonus, and much more.

Before using any of these promotions, ensure that you are eligible for the bonus and that you follow the wager requirements of the bonus to avoid losing out on a chance to win with free credits.

Are Live Online Casinos Rigged?

While there may be some fraudulent live online casinos, the online casinos mentioned in this article are the very best. A good online casino makes use of several anti-rigging strategies such as transparent payment policies and random number generators.

This is why it’s very important to only register with reputable online live casinos like the ones listed above.

Reputable online live casinos are usually also fully licensed as well and undergo regular auditing and monitoring. This makes it difficult for fraudulent online casinos as their services are being watched closely and people are advised to avoid such online casinos.

What Is The Difference Between A Live Casino And an Online Casino?

A live casino is a type of casino, whether an online casino or a physical casino, where the game is dealt and run by real-life people, all in real-time.

An online casino (also known as a virtual casino or internet casino) is simply an online version of traditional casinos that can be played using compatible devices and a good internet connection.

Online casino games can also be live casino games in which the game is played online in real-time with a virtual dealer.