Sic Bo Strategy Guide- How to Play and Win this Dice Game

Online Casino Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo Strategy Guide- How to Play and Win this Dice Game

Sic Bo is a popular online casino game originated in China. It has been around for quite some time now. Known also as Hi-Lo, Dai Siu, or Tai Sai, Sicbo is a game of chance played using three dice.

The game is loved because of its easy gameplay, numerous betting chances, simple rules, and interesting theme.

Since playing Sic Bo at any Singapore online casino depends on luck, most online players don’t believe it’s possible to come up with a winning strategy. However, we have come up with a Sic Bo strategy guide to help you win more in your future games.

How to Play Sic Bo Online in Singapore

Singapore Sic Bo Game

Playing the Sic Bo game at an online casino Singapore is the most enjoyable aspect because players get to enjoy the full potential of the game. However, if you look at the Sic Bo table for the first time, you might feel lost. Worry not as we are here to help you!

There are several things that bettors need to know before they start playing at any online casino Singapore. This game’s primary objective is betting on specific dice outcomes.

The first thing that Singaporean players need to understand is the Sic Bo odds. You can easily manage your bankroll and play to maximize your profits by learning these odds. Here is how you play Sicbo online:

How to Play Sic Bo at Any Online Gambling Site in Singapore

  • Start by setting your budget to assist in managing your bankroll.
  • The next step is to mark your value by placing your chips and then pick any combination or number.
  • The three dice will roll in the dice shaker for some time.
  • The winning dice will then be revealed on the table.
  • Finally, if you have picked the winning dice, you can collect your payouts.

When betting on Sicbo, you can place the following bets:

Small Bet

A Small bet means that you’re betting that the total of the three dice will be a number between four and ten and pays out 1 to 1. You’re betting on the number to be rolled thrice or on any two of your chosen numbers.

Big Bet

When you place your bet on ‘Big,’ you wish that the sum of the three dice will total between eleven and seventeen points. The payout is also 1 to 1, like in small bets.

The most important thing to note is that if any triple appears in both the Big and Small bet, you lose. This is why a total of 3 and 18 are not included in these bets.

Mixed/ Combination Bets

The combination bet is a bet on any two specific numbers showing on the three dice. The payout on this bet is 6 to 1, regardless of the combination you choose.

Single Bets

For this bet, the player chooses a specific number between 1 and 6. The payout will vary depending on whether the numbers you choose appear on one, two, or all three dice.

Double Bets

The double bet is a bet showing two specific numbers on the three dice. The number you select must appear on two of the three dice.

Triple Bets

The triple bet is that all three dice will show a specific number. You win if all the three selected numbers appear when the dice are rolled.

Sic Bo Odds, Statistics, and Probabilities

Below is information on Sic Bo odds, statistics, and probability for each bet you choose when playing at a trusted online casino Singapore;

Specific Double12-10.074111.08%
Any Triple34-10.27811.04%
Specific Triple216-10.004616.74%
Single Number Bets1-10.34727.9%
Combination Bets6-10.138912.43%
Total Bets6:1 to 60:10.014 to 0.1257.4% to 15.3%

What You Need to Know About Using Sic Bo Strategy

Those looking to learn this dice game may get confused about the best Sic Bo strategy that can help them fully utilise free SGD credit promotions to make more money.

To win, make sure you first understand the Sic Bo table, probabilities, and Sic Bo odds. Below are different Sicbo game strategies that online players can use to maximize their winning chances:

Low-Risk Strategy

If you are new to Sic Bo, start with small bets until you understand how the game is played. Then, start with those bets with high probabilities and the best house edge. Essentially, the idea is to stick to low-risk bets that are likely to win but with little pay.

The payout from this comes in at 1 to 1with your option being a total of 4 to 10 and 11 to 17. With these bets, you only apply a simple strategy to increase your betting amount in a certain order.

Finally, you can go for the Small or Big bets as they give nearly even chances of winning and getting more money. The payouts are minimal, but it’s safe, and that’s what counts to most newbie players.

Low-to-Medium-Risk Strategy

You can also opt for the low to medium-risk strategy, which is a great option for people still learning the Sicbo game. Here, players can use the 1-3-2-4 strategy to increase their bets in the order of low to medium bets.

The best part about this strategy is that losing will only bring you back to where you started; however, if you win, you move to the next bet. After placing the first two bets and you win, you will start enjoying some profits.

Medium-Risk Strategy

As you get more comfortable playing Sic Bo, you get more interested in placing large bets to maximize your chances of winning. This is possible without Singaporean gamblers squandering all of their money on fruitless bets. In order to use this technique, the player must roll three to eight dice, which add up to three to two on every dice.

Then, players can either gamble on specific double possibilities or choose a number during the double session, double it, and then place another wager on it.

The player can anticipate that the prediction of the dice will be greater than eight while also placing a bet on double 1 to help them win more.

High-Risk Strategy

Professionals can afford to play with higher-risk strategies because they are well conversant with the game and know how to win Sic Bo. At this level, most Sic Bo online players are masters of their own game, can afford to put a lot of money at stake, and expect huge wins.

With a high-risk strategy, you can place multiple bets at once, some with high probabilities and others with low probabilities. Then, calculate whether your combination would bring profits or losses to you.

Naturally, this will increase your chances of reaping huge rewards, but you have to be wise with your decision because you may lose more than you expected.

Tips to Win Real Money Playing Sic Bo Online

Want to know how to win live casino Singapore Sic Bo? Here are useful tips to help you maximize your profits playing the Sic Bo game.

Place Low Risk Bets

The Big and Small bets offer almost even chances to win and offer a payout of 1 to 1. These bets are easy to work with and don’t require special skills to play. They have a lower house edge, unlike other bets where the house edge goes up to 30%.

Combine Different Bets

It is highly advisable to place combination bets. You can bet on any two specific numbers or a combination bet because of its low house edge, and you can expect to win once in every seven bets.

Avoid Triple Bets

To maximize your chances of winning at Sicbo games, you should avoid making triple bets. Although these bets may be tempting, they rarely yield big wins. Instead, stick to simple bets like Small and Big bets to avoid losing lots of money.

There are no Guaranteed Winning Bets

Every gambler playing Singapore casino games should always know that betting is a game of chance, and Sic Bo is no exception. Unfortunately, this is a game of chance, and therefore don’t believe any casino or person selling Sic Bo strategy that promises to give you guaranteed results.

Do Not Place a Foolish Bet

Just as with other live casino dealer games, be it live roulette or online baccarat, avoid placing foolish bets with a huge house edge. You will find that some bets have a higher house edge, but they give low payouts. Avoid any foolish bet that will make you lose lots of money.

Don’t Get Tempted to Bet on Too Many Areas

Always be cautious and avoid betting on too many areas because you will lose more. This game is based on luck, and the risk of losing too many bets is quite high.

Playing at Singapore online gambling sites allows you to bet on up to 16 areas. So you have to think about the numbers you want to bet on before rushing to play.

Don’t Bet Based on Past Events

The gambler’s fallacy is the mistaken belief that if an event occurred more frequently in the past than expected, it is more likely to occur in the future or vice versa. Online players need to understand that no betting system will work 100% and reduce the house edge.

It is false to believe that if the dice have been rolling huge sums for a while, they will definitely roll on small ones now.

Where to Play Sic Bo Online to Win Real Money in Singapore

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Final Words

Ready to experience playing Sic Bo at the best online sportsbook Singapore?

Even though Sicbo is a game of chance, online players can make informed decisions based on the probability of each credible bet, providing them a slight advantage over the house. We hope this guide will help Singaporean bettors find a balanced Sic Bo strategy to help them spread their risks and win big.

It is still important to remember that any Sic Bo strategy you decide to use doesn’t guarantee a win as it is not a way to manipulate the game. Instead, these strategies are meant to help players avoid losing lots of money when playing online.

If you are looking for a more authentic Sic Bo game experience, you can also check out live dealer Sic Bo at some of the best casino online in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions on Sic Bo Strategy

Is It A Must for Players to Use Sic Bo Strategy?

No, it is not a must for a player to use the Sic Bo strategy since the house edge cannot be eliminated. However, using these strategies, you can manage your losses and maximize your bet to win more!
Remember that you are not sure of the final result, and your chosen strategy will not affect the game’s outcome.

Which Sic Bo Strategy Do Online Players Frequently Use?

There’s no best Sic Bo strategy because players have different skill levels and want different results. The best strategy works best for you and assists you in avoiding losses, as all players are looking to make profits.
Nevertheless, the most convenient Sic Bo strategy is placing low-risk bets with minimum losses and less payout.

Does The Sic Bo System Help to Remove The House Edge?

No, a Sic Bo system cannot remove the house edge. This is because Sicbo is a game of probability, and not even the system can affect the final outcome of a game. To increase your chances of winning big, make sure you use the tips and strategies stated above.

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