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Established in 2023, M8WinSG was born out of a passion for both gaming and integrity. As avid enthusiasts of online casinos ourselves, we recognized the need for a trustworthy and comprehensive resource to guide fellow players through the maze of options available. Thus, M8WinSG was created with a singular focus: to provide players with the information they need to thrive in their gaming pursuits.

Who We Are

Meet the Team Behind M8WinSG

  • JOE Starr: Founder & CEO
    • With over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, Joe Starr is the driving force behind M8WinSG. His vision and dedication to excellence have shaped our platform into what it is today


Our Responsibility

Upholding Integrity and Transparency

At M8WinSG, editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Our guiding principles are simple yet non-negotiable: honesty, objectivity, and accountability. Every review, recommendation, and article is crafted with these principles in mind, ensuring that our users can trust the information they find on our platform.

  • We meticulously research and analyze every casino site featured on our platform, independently assessing their offerings, reputation, and user experience.
  • We disclose any affiliate relationships or partnerships transparently, ensuring that our users are fully informed about any potential financial incentives behind our recommendations.
  • We are committed to providing unbiased and honest reviews, regardless of any potential commission. Our goal is to empower our users to make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information.

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